Casco Insurance is a type of insurance that covers any damages that might occur if you have a traffic accident, your vehicle burns or it is stolen or it is subject to any natural disasters. Casco Insurance is frequently confused with Traffic Insurance, which is another type of auto insurance. While Casco Insurance covers the damage to be caused to your vehicle, Traffic Insurance is a type of insurance that covers the damage caused to the other vehicles according to the determined limits. Therefore, these two types of insurances complement each other. Also, Casco Insurance is voluntary, while Traffic Insurance is a mandatory insurance under the laws.

If your care about your vehicle and pay maximum attention to protect it, you can check the Casco Insurance offered by Ana Insurance to be prepared against any unexpected incidents. While you drive your vehicle safely, we will be covering all risks related to your vehicle.

  • Coverage

    Liabilities and expenses arising due to accident
    Losses arising as a result of theft and burning
    Damages arising due to disasters etc.
  • Covers

    Hitting, Collision, Tilting etc.
    Theft, Burglary, Burglary Attempt
    New Value Cover
    Loss of Keys
    Earthquake and Natural Disasters
    Flood and Inundation
    Civil commotion, malicious acts, terrorism
    Personal Accident
    Financial Liability Towards Third Parties
    Towing of the Vehicle by Unauthorized Individuals
    Overseas Cover
    Personal Belongings Cover
    Additional Accessories Cover
    Non-Pecuniary Damages
    Damages Caused by Rodents
    Malicious Acts by 3rd Parties
  • Services

    Replacement Vehicle
    Tow Truck
    Mini Repair
    Road Assistance
  • Discounts

    Professional Discounts
    Cash Payment Discount
    No-Claim Discount

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Casco Insurance No-Claim Discount?

Casco Insurance No-Claim Discount refers to the right of discount to be used for the next policy at the end of a year in which you do not claim on your insurance starting from the commencement of the policy. The longer is the time that you do not claim on your insurance, the higher your no-claim discount will be. On the other hand, the higher the damage ratio is, the higher amount of increase will be applied for the next policy premium.

Does my No-Claim Discount change when I change my insurance company or vehicle?

If, at the end of the policy period, you continue with your Casco insurance without a break, the no-claim level that you are entitled to will be protected and you will be able to exercise your discount right.

Does my Casco Insurance policy continue when I change my vehicle?

If you sell your vehicle that has Casco insurance and buy a new car, you can continue with your existing policy by changing the information about the vehicle in your previous policy or you can cancel your policy and buy a new policy for 1 year.

General Conditions

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