Who We Are

As a combination of 30 year automotive experience and insurance sector experience; Ana Insurance has started its operations with the goal of presenting accessible solutions to all its stakeholders.

Why Ana Insurance?

Suitable Solutions
Fast and High
Standard Services
Trustworthy Experience
in the Sector
Network of Agencies
Wide Range of
Contracted Services
Wide Range of
Contracted Health Institutions
Easy to Access
Clear and Practical

Contracted Organizations

  • Contracted Services

    You can view our wide range of contracted services and find the nearest services.

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  • Contracted Health Institutions

    You can view our wide range of contracted health institutions and find the nearest health institutions.

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After-Sale Services

What steps should be taken in case of Damage?

You can get more information about the steps to be taken during and after damage and the damage process by visiting our Damage Assistance Center page.